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Sunday, August 25, 2002
Howdy y'all, today was a good day for me today, i had whoopy twice and loved it, and whilst im writing this im talking to my buddy steph, ello stephy. If my girl friend new i was on the net talking to women she would cut my nuts off, and i value my nuts alot. and yes u guessed it im still working at the same place...and yes my job still sucks ass, if there was a job going at the playboy mansion as a cleaner i would go for it. Well im tired so im gonna go have a wet dream, so byeeee and goodnite

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Monday, June 03, 2002
HEY HELLO HOWDY HI y'all.....i havent done this for a while cuz well i just couldnt be during the time i havent been here ive been doin shit all, hey hey on saturday june 15th im goin to west sussex to see my good friend silverywaters..(from silver linning) its gonna be good fun, and u guessed it my job still SUCKS ASS.... but what can i do, oh yeah i bought a car last month and yep its fucked up already....the breaks dont, well i gotta go ive done enough bitchin for tonight...bye and theres allways tomorrow to do shit all again, BYE

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Sunday, April 14, 2002
Hey Hey peeps, howz it going, man im tired geez the sex was great this morning WHEYYYYYYYY, well i was broke the last couple of weeks and pissed off, but hey ive been payed and getting freakin drunk and loving it, hey ive told you before and ill tell u again MY JOB SUCKS Hey andy stewart (my manager) whats with all the work ur making me do, i mean shit cut it, and hey jambo sorry for throwing the piece of card at yer eye dude but hey when someone tells u to duck it doesnt mean thats what ur having for ur, well im gonna be getting drunk again tonight yay, but for now im just gonna relax and surf the net so im off peeps *and no i dont mean i smell*, well laters im outta here cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

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Monday, April 01, 2002
Hey hey hey, im so freakin bored i want something exciting to happen, well what a bad day for the Boston Bruins last saturday losing to the hurricanes (2-0) at home man im so pissed off. well gotta go ill most probably gonna get well cya and i definately dont wanna be ya.

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Sunday, March 31, 2002
Well its easter sunday and the only eggs i got are the two inbetween my legs although i could cover them in chocolat but nah i dont think i Became a memeber of MAD WORLD chat room on msn today its a very cool room, and its got two sexy ladys in it, just4fun and catt hey ladyz, hey if anyone wants to see some totally gross stuff is pretty cool, well i think today is gonna be boring i mean its sunday church day, and thats somewhere i will not be, besides they would see me coming and beat me with a large :( but hey why would i wanna go to church just to here how many times ive sinned this week when i could go and get very drunk and sinn a hell of alot yay, besides they dont serve food or drink in church or have MTV man how boring is church. Well as usual im gonna do nothing today and tomorrow, so im gonna just listen to some tunes for a while before i go out so laters. ( )( )====={} guess what that

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Saturday, March 30, 2002
Hey hey hey, man am i tired ive been up all night doin shit all and now im gonna do shit, oh what fun, but i might go get drunk instead now thats fun wheyyyyyyy heyyyyyyyyyy, man what a weird dream i had i dreamt i was at work, geez i mean i hate being there when im awake now im there when im asleep shit thats bad. I have to go back to work on tueday and i dont wanna because that place sucks more than a ten doller hoe who specialises in blow, i mean its colder in the warehouse than it is outside + i work with cookware i mean i dont know how to cook and i dont like cooking so i hate handling stupid cookware. Anyway its saturday im most probably gonna have a shit day because thats what i usualy have, hey summersun thx for the pic of ya titties there great hun ( o ) ( o ) wow what a nice pair Psychotic psychics chat room in religoin on msm, what a cool room. silverywaters i need ya to scrub me with your wire brush again hun and acecard ya loon keep screwing summer like that and shes gonna pop buddie right in ya face. :) im bored i want to do something, ive tried nothing and im all outta ideas, well im off to do nothing laters yall.

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Friday, March 29, 2002
well i did get drunk and couldnt stop thinkin about how much i would like to kick the shit out of my manager, man what a fat piece of shit he is im seriously thinking about hitting him with a frying, went to see blade 2 well i went to see the persons fat head infront of cuz that was all i could see thx fat head :) now im sitting at home typing on my puter with my and listening to linkin park cuz they rock. well im off into a chat room to piss people off laters.

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Damn was that the worst nights sleep ever, man i had the shitest wet dream ever trust me to dream about the only woman who doesnt like And now im awake ready for another boring day so it looks like im gonna have to get very drunk today, well im off to do just that.

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